About MyPillow

Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow, also serves as the company’s chief executive officer. MyPillow’s history goes as back as 1977. Its invention was born out of Lindell’s frustrations with his pillow going flat – something that happens to a lot of people. Lindell would wake up in the morning and complain of several discomforts such as sore arm, painful neck, and numb fingers. He would toss and turn all through the night, but couldn’t understand why.

In his journey of trying to discover why he experienced the discomforts, Mike Lindell decided to use his entire paycheck on a pillow. He gathered that, if the pillow was expensive, it must be terrific. He was wrong! At the time, he was working two jobs; in a drive-in movie theater and in a grocery store. In 1980, Lindell began his entrepreneurial journey by starting a carpet cleaning business. He would later buy a lunch wagon and then own a couple of local restaurants and bars.

All this while, he was still in search of a good pillow with no success. Then one night, the idea to make his own pillow struck him, and he ran with it. He first came up with a prototype and a logo. In just one year, Mike Lindell had made the kind of pillow he had always dreamt off, and he was ready to make it commercially available. Unfortunately, all the boxed stores he approached so that they would carry his products turned him down.

He didn’t give up. He knew that he needed to devise a way of selling his products to not only provide for his family but also to help people have a better sleep. Note that he had sold his business and as such, entirely dedicated to the pillow. One of his friends suggested that he sell his products from a kiosk in a mall and he didn’t hesitate. Luckily, one of his customers ran a local home and garden show; he loved the pillow so much that he gave Lindell a spot in his show. To his surprise, he sold all the pillows he had on that show. From there, he started trading in fairs, shows, and expos. He was making great strides in the business and even started running ads on televisions.

An infomercial that was debuted on October 7, 2011, where Lindell acted as the host, brought in more sales. He even had to construct a call center to handle the incoming calls for orders. In less than 40 days, the company grew from 5 to 500 employees. By 2012, the business was doing exceptionally well. There was a need to expand both the manufacturing and the call center. In October 2012, the CEO of MyPillow appeared on QVC, and the audience fell in love with him and his pillows. Ever since he has been making appearances on air to sell his pillows.

The company uses a patented three-piece interlocking fill that gently cradles both head and neck. The fabric of the cover of all the pillows is made from 100 percent cotton, and in turn, giving the user light and soft touch. The use of 100 percent polyurethane foam filling makes the pillow not only fluffy but also easy to shape and fold.

MyPillow is designed to stay the way you like all through the night. Other products that the company sells include Pillowcases, MyPillow mattresses, mattress topper, art pillowcases, pet beds, MyPillow bed, mattress protector, and neck pillow. MyPillow makes sure that you don’t have a hard time washing your pillow. It is machine washable!

To locate a store or show near you, click here to Buy’ on the topmost part of the official website of the firm and follow the instructions. MyPillow avails financing for all the orders that exceed $200.

Mike Lindell has always had a deep passion for helping others. He considers it a great blessing that he can achieve this dream through MyPillow.

How to Use Their Coupon Codes

To obtain coupon codes and other top deals, click on the pecials’ button at the bottom of the company’s website. Other ways of staying updated with MyPillow’s offers and promotions is by subscribing to its newsletters.

For you to use a coupon, you must add your selected items to the cart. From there, locate the promo code box above your subtotal, on the right side of the page. Once you have inserted the coupon, click pply’ to claim your discount.

How to Connect with MyPillow

To make an order, call 1-800-544-8939. To order products via email, write to orders@mypillows.com. Direct all your media inquiries to Michelle@media-minefield.com.

If you have concerns or want to make inquiries, and wish to speak to a customer service representative call 1-800-308-1299.

The other way of connecting with MyPillow is via the site form. At the bottom of the page, click ontact Us.’ Provide details such as your name, email, write your message, question, or feedback, and then submit. A customer service agent will respond to your message.

MyPillow also has a presence on social media. Follow them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MyPillow) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/MyPillowUSA).

Refund Policy

The company guarantees its customers that their MyPillow is the most comfortable pillow they will ever own. A customer who doesn’t have this experience can take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee. MyPillow will refund the whole amount you paid (less shipping) for any justification as long as 60 days from the date of receiving the original product hasn’t lapsed.

Understand that refunds do not take place immediately. Processing of the same is done within 30 days from the time the company receives your returned product. Customers must also understand that they will cater for the return costs. MyPillow also wishes to inform its customers that it cannot welcome ill recipient’ packages.

MyPillow offers its customer a 10-year warranty, restricted to workmanship and material defects. The firm guarantees its customers that their pillows will not flatten during the ten years irrespective of the number of washes and drying. A defective pillow warrants a replacement of similar or higher value, and in such cases, the company takes care of the shipping fee.