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Want To Join The VTC?

We’re always looking to highlight high-quality, vegan friendly products from all over the world. Whether your company makes vegan-friendly products, food, beverages, or are a community that vegans would love to visit (i.e. vegan dating apps or the happy cow restaurant finder).


When you become a member, you’ll receive access to discount codes to set up a small business bank account with CIT Bank. They are an online-only bank that focuses on the needs of small businesses. They have loads of over benefits that you can find on their website as well.

How to Join:

If you’d like to have your business featured on our website, please send us a message to George Olague at and answer these questions in your email:

What is the name of your company? When was it founded? Who founded it? Why?
What products/services do you offer? How are they vegan-friendly?
What’s unique about your company?
What are your company’s most notable achievements? Ex. entering into a major grocery chain, winning awards, reaching a certain sales/supply benchmark, etc.

If You’re Accepted:

We consider any and all submissions for inclusion onto our website. If you’re accepted, we will create a company profile page with information about your company, as well as one link to your homepage.