Alo Water: One of the Fastest Growing Juice Companies.

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Alo Water is a beverage company that specializes in the manufacture of organic juices made from fruit and vegetables. These are pure drinks that are free from GMO’s and additives. They not only offer single-flavored beverages but also a combination which has been proven to have wonderful effects in the body.

The products are based on Aloe Vera, which is cultivated in a rich farm in Thailand. All Alo drinks are made of 25% aloe Vera pulp, natural ingredients and water. There are no thickeners and emulsifiers as in other drinks.


Alo Drinks otherwise known as Alo waters was founded in 2008 by Henry Chen. Chen realized that many people were not aware of the health benefits of aloe Vera. All people knew was the 99% bitter taste associated with aloe Vera. Chen found a way to make sweet Alo drinks that could actually appeal to those who like organic drinks, especially the vegans.

Formerly, the US Asian and Hispanic communities had been importing similar drinks from the Korean market. This gap saw the rise of Alo drinks which has gradually risen into a renowned organic beverage store in the US and Canada. However, Chen decided to go all organic and natural, this is the main reason for Alo Drinks’ popularity.

What Products does Alo Water make?Chen’s company has a wide range of aloe Vera based products. These products include; Alo Exposed,Alo Awaken, Alo Allure, Alo Enrich, Alo Appeal and Alo Elated

Alo Exposed

A drink composed of original aloe Vera combined with honey. This helps in soothing the bitter taste from aloe Vera.

Alo Allure

It’s made of mango flavor alongside aloe Vera juice. Also known as mangosteen, this product is known for its cooling properties

Alo Awaken

Combines the advantages of wheatgrass and aloe Vera giving a great natural energy source.

Alo Enrich

Combines three flavors, namely, cranberry, pomegranates and aloe Vera. This makes a perfect combination of an anti-oxidant.

Alo Appeal

this is a peculiar combination of olive tea, green tea and aloe Vera. The olive tea is blended into the green tea then mixed with aloe Vera. This makes a good anti-oxidant.

Additional Information about Alo Water:

Alo waters is a reputable company that has risen in ranks over the past years due to its unique line of products. Owing to the unique composition and variety of its products, Alo Waters boasts of a rich background in promoting human health.

In 2010, Alo waters ranked as Silver Finalists in the 2010 SOFI Awards for the Best Cold Beverage. The event, hosted by Fancy Food Show aimed to identify the best beverage producers in the beverage category.

Alo Waters has an estimated annual sales revenue of about $ 7.2 million.
Alo’s main base of operations is in San Francisco, California. Alo also has stores on Amazon alongside other international distribution channels. Alo also welcomes retailers to their line of products on

For the best anti-oxidants, coolants and organic beverages. Alo Waters should make a perfect stop. To all the vegans and go-greeners, Alo has got you covered.This article will help you learn more about Alo Water.