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Want To Join The VTC?

We’re always looking to highlight high-quality, vegan friendly products from all over the world. Whether your company makes vegan-friendly products, food, beverages, or are a community that vegans would love to visit (i.e. vegan dating apps or the happy cow restaurant finder).

If you’d like to have your business featured on our website, please send us a message to George Olague at and answer these questions in your email:

What is the name of your company? When was it founded? Who founded it? Why?
What products/services do you offer? How are they vegan-friendly?
What’s unique about your company?
What are your company’s most notable achievements? Ex. entering into a major grocery chain, winning awards, reaching a certain sales/supply benchmark, etc.

If You’re Accepted:

We consider any and all submissions for inclusion onto our website. If you’re accepted, we will create a company profile page with information about your company, as well as one link to your homepage.
There is a one-time consideration fee of $9.99 USD. Payment is not a guarantee of acceptance, but is instead meant to cover the costs for us to consider your company and/or create a profile page on our website. You can pay via Paypal below: