Exploring Beyond Meat: Is it For Real?

Mock Meat – Fake, Fad or the Future of Food?

In the 21st century, there are also sorts of reasons for cutting down on meat, or eliminating it from the diet altogether. Meat production is bad for the environment, and meat eating has a number of associated health risks and it’s plainly bad for the animals slaughtered for our tables. But you may have noticed companies like Starbucks and Fresh Direct offering new promotions involving beyond meat. There are coupons for new and existing customers where you can substitute your meat for beyond meat. But what is it?

Introducing Mock Meat.

Mock meat (not to be confused with cultured meat), variously made from foods like soy, wheat and mycoprotein, is a creative solution to these problems, and the market for such products is expanding year on year. But humans can be as conservative as they are innovative, and mock meat is still controversial, on several fronts.


Meatless substitutes are nothing new. But for a number of years, the cost of meat-less substitutes has been prohibitive. Sure, you can use a 10 off coupon for getting from Bodybuilding.com or another site. But the products were not only expensive, but of varying quality.

Common Criticisms Are Starting To Disappear.

A common criticism of vegetarian meat is that it doesn’t taste like meat, and the texture or ‘mouth feel’ isn’t equivalent. That’s a matter of personal opinion and – literally – taste. There are many types and brands of meat substitute available, some of which are more meat-like than others. Some people can barely tell the difference. Some even prefer the taste of meat analogues. Others are prepared to sacrifice a bit of authenticity to enjoy vegetarian versions of much-loved, traditional meat dishes with a clear conscience, on both ecological and animal welfare grounds.

Technology is advancing on the imitation front, with products such as the Impossible Burger, launched in 2016. Its USP is that it includes a molecule called heme, which is one of the things that makes meat taste meaty. The Impossible Burger uses plant-derived heme, originating in soy and cultured with yeast. The result: a meaty-tasting burger that ‘bleeds’. Far from being a pale imitation, it has even found its way onto the menu of Michelin-starred top restaurants.

A more substantial criticism of imitation meat products is that they are energy-intensive to produce. However, that depends on the individual product. Think of the energy needed to produce meat: from animal food through to operating slaughterhouses. US scientists have calculated that it takes more than 15 000 litres of water to produce just one kilogram of beef. The makers of the Impossible Burger estimate that their manufacture requires 95% less land and three quarters less water than beef production, and is close to 90% cleaner when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. 

The health implications are perhaps even more worrying for some skeptics, especially in the light of concerns about processed foods. Many meat alternatives are made by a process called extrusion – the same process used for items like breakfast cereals, which are clearly safe. The jury is still out on how degrees of processing affect nutritional value, but all products are tested to ensure that they are safe for human consumption. It may not be the degree of processing and engineering that’s the problem, but the extent to which manufacturers add sugar, salt, fat and chemical additives. 

In fact, meat-free meats, made from wheat gluten (seitan) and mushrooms have featured in oriental cuisine for centuries, with no adverse effects. Modern takes on these traditional dishes include tofurkey, a faux turkey roast made from tofu, which is in turn made from bean curd. Quality vegetarian meat products provide ample protein, are high in fibre and low in fat, which is helpful for low cholesterol diets. Some, but not all, are also suitable for vegans. Like all foods, their nutritional value depends on the specific recipe, so it’s worth reading the labels and trying out different brands. 

Modern cuisine has moved away from meals where meat is the centrepiece and vegetables the accessory. Flavour is all, and meat alternatives are ideal for absorbing the taste of sauces and seasonings. Contrary to a widespread popular misconception, meat alternatives aren’t just for vegetarians, who are often perfectly happy with a diet whose ingredients don’t resemble meat. They are also ideal for flexitarians, who wish to reduce their meat intake for ethical or health reasons. It’s not about settling for food that’s inferior to the real thing. Growing demand shows that meat alternatives are not just trendy now, but a food for the future, with quality and taste improving all the time. 

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5 Vegan-Friendly Products to Make Your Hair Shine

Veganism is on the up with more people than ever before changing their lifestyles, however vegan-friendly hair care can still be difficult to come by. Beauty websites like AllBeauty.com have a dedicated vegan-products section for make-up and other cosmetics, but hair-care tends to be left by the wayside.

Luckily the major hair care manufacturers have been releasing vegan-friendly products that get this…actually work as well as their regular ones.

Here are the top 5 hair care products that will make vegans’ hearts sing:

1. Pureology Colour Fanatic Instant Deep Conditioning Mask

purecology vegan hair shine
You can find this anywhere: Amazon, Ulta, Walmart, etc.

Use like a conditioner but results of a hair mask. This is a must for the hair colorers of the group.

Suitable for all hair types and, of course, 100% vegan, your hair will love you for this buy.

Pureology has a range of fantastic products designed with you in mind, so it’s worth checking out if there are any stockists in your area!

2. Shine of the Times Finishing Mist by Giovanni

Give your hair a little extra something-something with this finishing mist. At only $8.99 this is an absolute find; however, it’s currently only available for sale in the US.

It is worth looking at Amazon if you are outside the US as occasionally it appears there but is a little more expensive.

A Shine of the Times is suited for all hair types and will take the frizz out of your hair and leave you with shiny, smooth, luscious locks.

100% vegan and perfect hair, what more can you ask for?


3. Faith in Nature Lavender & Geranium Shampoo

This shampoo will nourish your hair and relax your senses.

While being suitable for vegans, this shampoo uses the highest quality of naturally derived ingredients and has 100% natural fragrance. No one wants to be smelling of chemicals.

And, if you find you can’t live without it or are stocking up for the zombie apocalypse, you can buy a bigger size – who said a 5-litre shampoo bottle was too much?

4. Be Curly Enhancer by Aveda

allbeauty discount codes

Let those with naturally curly hair bathe in the glory of Be Curly Enhancer. A styling cream for those with curly/wavy hair.

This awesome creation will tame your frizz and intensify your curl, bringing shine to curly/wavy hair.
A little pricier than some of the other products out there, but it is a must have for those with some curl.

Aveda give the promise that all their products are people tested and never animal tested, so check out their wide range of products, if this one is not for you. You will thank us!


5. DermOrganic Leave in Argan Oil Treatment

If you spend a lot of your time styling your hair with hairdryers and the like, then this one is for you.

This leave in oil helps to restore optimal moisture balance and protect your hair against all that thermal punishment it receives.

All it takes is a few drops on your clean damp hair to seal in that perfect shine your hair has been longing for.

Veganism no longer means difficulty finding beauty products that work for you AND maintain your commitment to the vegan way of life. Your hair can be fabulous while you continue being awesome.

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MyPillow: Our Profile

About MyPillow

Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow, also serves as the company’s chief executive officer. MyPillow’s history goes as back as 1977. Its invention was born out of Lindell’s frustrations with his pillow going flat – something that happens to a lot of people. Lindell would wake up in the morning and complain of several discomforts such as sore arm, painful neck, and numb fingers. He would toss and turn all through the night, but couldn’t understand why.

In his journey of trying to discover why he experienced the discomforts, Mike Lindell decided to use his entire paycheck on a pillow. He gathered that, if the pillow was expensive, it must be terrific. He was wrong! At the time, he was working two jobs; in a drive-in movie theater and in a grocery store. In 1980, Lindell began his entrepreneurial journey by starting a carpet cleaning business. He would later buy a lunch wagon and then own a couple of local restaurants and bars.

All this while, he was still in search of a good pillow with no success. Then one night, the idea to make his own pillow struck him, and he ran with it. He first came up with a prototype and a logo. In just one year, Mike Lindell had made the kind of pillow he had always dreamt off, and he was ready to make it commercially available. Unfortunately, all the boxed stores he approached so that they would carry his products turned him down.

He didn’t give up. He knew that he needed to devise a way of selling his products to not only provide for his family but also to help people have a better sleep. Note that he had sold his business and as such, entirely dedicated to the pillow. One of his friends suggested that he sell his products from a kiosk in a mall and he didn’t hesitate. Luckily, one of his customers ran a local home and garden show; he loved the pillow so much that he gave Lindell a spot in his show. To his surprise, he sold all the pillows he had on that show. From there, he started trading in fairs, shows, and expos. He was making great strides in the business and even started running ads on televisions.

An infomercial that was debuted on October 7, 2011, where Lindell acted as the host, brought in more sales. He even had to construct a call center to handle the incoming calls for orders. In less than 40 days, the company grew from 5 to 500 employees. By 2012, the business was doing exceptionally well. There was a need to expand both the manufacturing and the call center. In October 2012, the CEO of MyPillow appeared on QVC, and the audience fell in love with him and his pillows. Ever since he has been making appearances on air to sell his pillows.

The company uses a patented three-piece interlocking fill that gently cradles both head and neck. The fabric of the cover of all the pillows is made from 100 percent cotton, and in turn, giving the user light and soft touch. The use of 100 percent polyurethane foam filling makes the pillow not only fluffy but also easy to shape and fold.

MyPillow is designed to stay the way you like all through the night. Other products that the company sells include Pillowcases, MyPillow mattresses, mattress topper, art pillowcases, pet beds, MyPillow bed, mattress protector, and neck pillow. MyPillow makes sure that you don’t have a hard time washing your pillow. It is machine washable!

To locate a store or show near you, click here to Buy’ on the topmost part of the official website of the firm and follow the instructions. MyPillow avails financing for all the orders that exceed $200.

Mike Lindell has always had a deep passion for helping others. He considers it a great blessing that he can achieve this dream through MyPillow.

How to Use Their Coupon Codes

To obtain coupon codes and other top deals, click on the pecials’ button at the bottom of the company’s website. Other ways of staying updated with MyPillow’s offers and promotions is by subscribing to its newsletters.

For you to use a coupon, you must add your selected items to the cart. From there, locate the promo code box above your subtotal, on the right side of the page. Once you have inserted the coupon, click pply’ to claim your discount.

How to Connect with MyPillow

To make an order, call 1-800-544-8939. To order products via email, write to orders@mypillows.com. Direct all your media inquiries to Michelle@media-minefield.com.

If you have concerns or want to make inquiries, and wish to speak to a customer service representative call 1-800-308-1299.

The other way of connecting with MyPillow is via the site form. At the bottom of the page, click ontact Us.’ Provide details such as your name, email, write your message, question, or feedback, and then submit. A customer service agent will respond to your message.

MyPillow also has a presence on social media. Follow them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MyPillow) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/MyPillowUSA).

Refund Policy

The company guarantees its customers that their MyPillow is the most comfortable pillow they will ever own. A customer who doesn’t have this experience can take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee. MyPillow will refund the whole amount you paid (less shipping) for any justification as long as 60 days from the date of receiving the original product hasn’t lapsed.

Understand that refunds do not take place immediately. Processing of the same is done within 30 days from the time the company receives your returned product. Customers must also understand that they will cater for the return costs. MyPillow also wishes to inform its customers that it cannot welcome ill recipient’ packages.

MyPillow offers its customer a 10-year warranty, restricted to workmanship and material defects. The firm guarantees its customers that their pillows will not flatten during the ten years irrespective of the number of washes and drying. A defective pillow warrants a replacement of similar or higher value, and in such cases, the company takes care of the shipping fee.

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Lover Raw Chocolate: A Profile

About Lover Raw Chocolate

Official Website: loverrawchocolate.com

What the company does:

Lover Raw Chocolate makes a variety of chocolate product like raw, organic, kosher, gluten-free, preservation free, low glycemic, soy free, etc. Raw chocolate has the best food that contains magnesium, chromium, iron, and zinc in each product. Those products are good for the body and result to glowing skin. Their end products come with a flavors to choose from.

History of the company

Lover Raw Chocolate was founded in 2008 to provide the customer with hand raw chocolate that matches your health and fulfills your taste desire. Nutritionist Shimon Pinhas was the one who created chocolate as it should be. It had pure organic and branded with antioxidant that nourishes the mind, the body, and the heart. Purple corn extra that is in chocolate will is great for every chocolate lover. Pineal gland activation antioxidation and anthocyanin’s that are in acai powder, red wine, and blue barriers are all included.

Lover RC Products and Ingredients:

Pure dark:

It is a sweet delight made with the finest ingredients; it’s well balanced with typical dark cocoa around it. It’s smooth in texture and melts on your tongue as you enjoy it.


Raw Chocolate Lover Espresso 78% is the perfect combination of dark cocoa with real espresso. It boosts those who are feeling low as it revitalizes with strong coffee, it is responsible for energizing your whole body.

Peanut butter

This is the perfect fusion of American’s favorite. It combines both peanut and chocolate. Blended perfectly with nutty buttery, sweet and roast notes combine with dark cocoa are offered in company’s peanut butter.


For who love to spice up with chili, Raw Chocolate Love Chili is good idle for you. Its specially designed to suit chili pepper lovers. Culinary delights delivering best spicy or smoky top note while followed by mild afterburn to stimulate your sense.

Sea salt

Raw Chocolate Love Pure Dark premium small portion Himalayan sea salt. It is a combination of bittersweet cocoa notes with subtle sea salt at the same time enhancing natural flavor and aroma without overpowering it.


It is luscious and flavorful of a right combination of both delivering nutty and toasted test sensation. Raw Chocolate Love Almond is a rich, satisfying that will help you in daily upkeep.

Dark orange

Raw Chocolate Dark Orange comes with a mixture of citrus juice and blended peels character for perfect refreshment. That is more enjoyable.


It is kind of flower power and symbolizes flora and chocolate. The flora- fruits character of rose water is its unique character.

Best Sellers

It was noted that the product that people love most is Peanut butter 78 This is a good fusion of America’s favorite. It combines both dark chocolate and peanut butter. Blended perfectly with nutty buttery, sweet and roast notes combine with dark cocoa are offered in love peanut and Raw Chocolate butter. It one that registers the highest sale both in store and online.

Company Chain Stores

Lover Raw Chocolate sells most of their products online and retail stores in America. One of their online stores in Amazon.com

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Alo Water: The Aloe-Vera Based Organic Juice Company

Alo Water: One of the Fastest Growing Juice Companies.

Official Website: alodrink.com

Alo Water is a beverage company that specializes in the manufacture of organic juices made from fruit and vegetables. These are pure drinks that are free from GMO’s and additives. They not only offer single-flavored beverages but also a combination which has been proven to have wonderful effects in the body.

The products are based on Aloe Vera, which is cultivated in a rich farm in Thailand. All Alo drinks are made of 25% aloe Vera pulp, natural ingredients and water. There are no thickeners and emulsifiers as in other drinks.


Alo Drinks otherwise known as Alo waters was founded in 2008 by Henry Chen. Chen realized that many people were not aware of the health benefits of aloe Vera. All people knew was the 99% bitter taste associated with aloe Vera. Chen found a way to make sweet Alo drinks that could actually appeal to those who like organic drinks, especially the vegans.

Formerly, the US Asian and Hispanic communities had been importing similar drinks from the Korean market. This gap saw the rise of Alo drinks which has gradually risen into a renowned organic beverage store in the US and Canada. However, Chen decided to go all organic and natural, this is the main reason for Alo Drinks’ popularity.

What Products does Alo Water make?Chen’s company has a wide range of aloe Vera based products. These products include; Alo Exposed,Alo Awaken, Alo Allure, Alo Enrich, Alo Appeal and Alo Elated

Alo Exposed

A drink composed of original aloe Vera combined with honey. This helps in soothing the bitter taste from aloe Vera.

Alo Allure

It’s made of mango flavor alongside aloe Vera juice. Also known as mangosteen, this product is known for its cooling properties

Alo Awaken

Combines the advantages of wheatgrass and aloe Vera giving a great natural energy source.

Alo Enrich

Combines three flavors, namely, cranberry, pomegranates and aloe Vera. This makes a perfect combination of an anti-oxidant.

Alo Appeal

this is a peculiar combination of olive tea, green tea and aloe Vera. The olive tea is blended into the green tea then mixed with aloe Vera. This makes a good anti-oxidant.

Additional Information about Alo Water:

Alo waters is a reputable company that has risen in ranks over the past years due to its unique line of products. Owing to the unique composition and variety of its products, Alo Waters boasts of a rich background in promoting human health.

In 2010, Alo waters ranked as Silver Finalists in the 2010 SOFI Awards for the Best Cold Beverage. The event, hosted by Fancy Food Show aimed to identify the best beverage producers in the beverage category.

Alo Waters has an estimated annual sales revenue of about $ 7.2 million.
Alo’s main base of operations is in San Francisco, California. Alo also has stores on Amazon alongside other international distribution channels. Alo also welcomes retailers to their line of products on alodrinks.com

For the best anti-oxidants, coolants and organic beverages. Alo Waters should make a perfect stop. To all the vegans and go-greeners, Alo has got you covered.This article will help you learn more about Alo Water.

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Sjaaks Chocolate: Organic, Vegan and Fair-Trade Chocolates

About Sjaaks Chocolates:

Sjaaks Chocolates focuses on manufacturing high-quality vegan chocolates. The kind that go well with a hot caffeinated beverage. Through this, the company sensitizes sustainable agriculture while creating a healthy working environment through using organic ingredients. The company has involved in the fairest trade practices that can see the passing on of the company to the coming generations. Entirely organic means that no GMO ingredients are used. The company during manufacturing uses Fair trade sugar and cocoa.

Official Website: sjaaks.com

Company History:

The company was founded by Jacques Holten and Jessica his daughter in 2004. This makes it a family business. Their passion for organic food drove them to making delicious organic chocolate. This is the healthiest option for consumers, the farm worker and everyone who gets a bite or uses Sjaaks chocolate as an ingredient. Taste is what has set Sjaaks chocolate apart from the rest of the manufacturers. Normally, people loath organic foods because of their tasteless and considering their chocolates are completely vegan, many thought the company will flop. Their chocolates are incredibly delicious.

Popular Products from Sjaaks Chocolates:

Still sensitizing, the products are COMPLETELY vegan and do not contain any eggs, milk butter, gelatin or animal products. Everything including the holiday treats and gift boxes are made using the full vegan policy. There are Melk chocolate bars that are totally dairy free and tasty like no other. Sugar used is non bone char. All products are fully certified by Earth Kosher and Kosher.

Quite a lot to grab here at Sjaaks Organic Chocolates. There are drinking chocolates for your breakfast beverages, chocolate bars for all ages, box assortments if you like your packages mixed up enticingly, individual bites, large tub bites, and small tub bites. Occasion treats are well made from Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

The company stated all amounts of dairy protein because of the suppliers of the ingredients that could possibly contain the ingredients. Most of the products have peanuts and tree nuts. This is to notify all persons with allergies to take caution. The facility doesn’t use corn, soy or gluten. However, the products do not undergo batch tests so there are possibilities of the products containing the ingredients in traces.

The best seller pack on by Sjaaks Organic Chocolates is the Nuts and Chews Assortment. Top sellers are the Hazelnut bites-individual, Mint mills-individuals, Mint bites-small individual, Treasure bar-Eli earth bar, and the Peanut butter-individual.

Company News:

Until 2017, the company had less than 10 employees onsite and in the company and despite the low figure, it is doing exceptionally well because of mechanization during manufacturing. The turnover has been estimated to be slightly below 500 000 USD until the same year. Apart from production, the company distributes and has introduces service provision.

In February 2018, Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates was the month’s vendor spotlight on the Wheatsville Coop News that highlights the best, latest and greatest when it comes to news and events. This company has since made it to the Organic Trade Association member list and is among the representatives of the biggest diversity and supply chain of today’s world’s organic industry.

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Carolina Castile Soap – A Leader in Organic Products

An Overview of Carolina Castile Soap

The Caroline Castile Soap company is renowned for manufacturing organic soaps using natural ingredients with the aim to enhance skin health and physical appearance of their customers who are evenly distributed across the globe. The company is found in Raleigh, North Carolina.

If you are hearing about castile soap for the first time, then here is a short history regarding the product. The soap originated from a place known as Castile in Spain. The solvent started off to imply the soap manufactured using olive oil. Later the castile soap changed to mean any soap prepared using vegetable oils.

In most cases, castile soap is formed using natural organic products like coconut, olive oil and other different types of vegan products. The castile soap is used in a variety of applications, including washing dishes, house cleaning, hair cleaning (shampoo), laundry, and more. You can also get free shipping on items.

A Brief history of Carolina Castile Soap

Joe McCutcheon, a residential home cleaning industrialist, established Carolina Castile Soap in Raleigh, North Carolina. Before he formed the company, Joe was operating a large cleaning enterprise dealing with green cleaning merchandise as well as practices.

At this point, Joe decided to create an organization that makes use of the “greenest” products to manufacture organic soap he named Castile Soap, initially from Spain, to be the ideal roadmap for the family of soaps crafted following stringent standards to ensure that the products made meet the needs of the users all over the world.

Products Made By the Company

The company makes a wide range of products using the natural elements, such as olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree essential oil, citric acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Potassium Hydroxide, cocoa butter, and pumpkin seed oil.

Some of the Castile Soap Products include:

• Castile Dish Soap

If you want a dish soap that is both concentrated and useful in scrubbing pans and pots in your sink, then Castile dish soap is the perfect option for you. The soap does not only clean your dishes; it makes them smell good thanks to the natural fragrance.

• Castile House Cleaner

While cleaning your home, you can use Castile soap dusting sprays and then scrub the surfaces, including ceiling blinds and fans, baseboards and more. Other places you can clean with Castile soap include toilets, bathtubs, sinks and so on.

• Castile Shampoo

Castile shampoo is available in liquid form. Also, it foams up well and smells good to make your hair cleaning experience unbelievable. Under this category you can try Peppermint Castile soap, Lavender Castile soap and orange castile soap for a morning wake up, night time shower, and whichever time shower respectively.

Most of the company’s merchandise is selling both in the US and global market due to the fact most people are going for organic products which are not only health but also natural. The company is a best seller of shampoos, and soaps for a variety of home uses.

Carolina Castile Soap Triumphs

In the fall of 2017, the company acquired the certified organic label from Oregon Tilth, a top leader in sustainable production of food as well as organic agriculture. Furthermore, the company has partnered with Amazon Europe to ensure that some of its products are available in 26 European countries. This way, Carolina Castile Soap has been able to increase its sales annually.

Official Website: carolinacastilesoap.com

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Organic Gemini: A Company Based on the Tigernut Superfood.

Organic Gemini is a company that specializes in the manufacture of organic and non-GMO foods. Are you a vegan? Are you looking for a food solution that is gluten-free and dairy-free? Then Organic Gemini should be among your first choice to consider.

The foods made by Organic Gemini are based on Tiger Nuts, an ancient superfood that is rich in Potassium, Iron and other essential nutrients. These foods not only help in weight loss but also contribute to the general well-being of the human body. They make a perfect diet for any vegan looking to live healthy.

Example products by Organic Gemini include; Tigernut cluster Chocolate, Tigernut raw Snack, Tigernut Flour and Tigernut Oil.

A Quick History of Organic Gemini:

This company was founded in 2013 by George Papanastasatos and Mariam Kinkladze. It was formed to exploit the health benefits of tiger nuts. Before its inception, Mariam had suffered some severe health complications. Her partner George realized that other women were using specialized treatment alongside raw food diets to aid their recovery.

George realized that a raw food diet consisting of Tiger Nuts produced tremendous effects on Mariam’s health. Mariam got better with time. This sprang up an idea that would see the use of Tiger Nuts, Organic Gemini it was!

What does Organic Gemini Make? A vegan diet needs to be free of glutens, meat products, additives and artificial components. This is where Organic Gemini comes in. Organic Gemini makes food from wholesome ingredients, no increments or decrements.
Organic Gemini makes organic foods. Foods that are drawn from nature itself with no compromises whatsoever! These foods make a perfect vegan diet.

Another groups of food are super foods which are solely based on Tiger Nuts. This forms the heart of Organic Gemini. Tiger Nuts are rich in Iron, Potassium and prebiotic fibers which produce tremendous effects on digestive health.

For those seeking to lose weight, Organic Gemini makes prebiotic fiber based foods that help in burning excess calories. You weight loss journey just got better.


Additional Info on the Company:

Since its launch in 2013, Organic Gemini has made strides towards promoting the health of vegans and the general human population. These efforts towards betterment of human life led Organic Gemini to the 2015 SOFI Awards Finals. The competition, hosted by Specialty Foods Association recognized Gemini’s Tiger Nut Flour as one of the best vegan food products.

Gemini’s revenue generation stands at $20.6 K per employee. The annual revenue translates to around $ 7.6 million. Organic Gemini has its main branch in Brooklyn New York with an online store on Amazon.

Tiger nuts have been proven to be beneficial to the health of vegans. The mineral components, that is, Iron, Potassium and Prebiotic fiber all play special roles in improving human health. Any vegan looking for an organic food source should probably consider Organic Gemini. The products have hidden side effects, except if you are allergic to nuts. All in all, Organic Gemini should be your first stopping point for all Organic, gluten-free and dairy-free products.

Official Website: organicgemini.com

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VDog Dog Food: Plant-Based Solutions For Your Dog!

Apparently, there’s nothing that beats a dog as a pet. That’s why at the vegan-dog company they ensure your dog is fit and strong by manufacturing plant-based animal products. The v-dog consists of essential nutrients like proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that your dog require to flourish. For sure, they take into considerations that different dogs have diverse consumptions habits that are based on dog’s activity, age, appetite or even lifestyle that’s why they give a guide on how you should feed your dog.

Vdog’s Ingredients:

Their products are environmental friendly, which means that they don’t have any harmful effects on their surroundings. Actually, they are pooch tested and planet approved. V-dog is easily digestible for it excludes ingredients like corn, fillers, soy, animal products or even counterfeit stuff. The company also acknowledges the existence of other animals like cow, pigs or even cats although it entirely deals with dog products. In simple terms, the company is run by animal lovers. The v-dog is a perfect formula for itchy and sensitive dogs.

About V dog

This company is a family business that was founded back in 2005 by the late Dave and his wife Linda who got an inspiration from their two-vegan rescue pit bulls, Pandy and Sparky. The company is situated in San Francisco, California. Over the years, the v-dog have witnessed the growth of dogs of all shapes and sizes as they take their nutritionally whole kibble.

They boast quality standards and zero products recall to date. Additionally, their daily motivating factor is to ensure your dog(s) is ever happy and their product is an ultimate source of nutrients and joy. Interestingly, most of their team are fur puppies’ owners. This provides an assurance that they highly comprehend what a dog needs to thrive.

About V Dog’s Dog Food:

Mainly, their products are one of the healthiest dog food on the market today for they contain a balanced diet. Their best-selling products are:

• v-dog kibble
• v-dog breath bones
• v-dog wiggle biscuits
• bandanas

Usually, a normal size kibble measures about a half an inch while a mini-bites kibble (for dogs with a small buccal cavity) is a quarter an inch precisely. If any need arises, a kibble can be moistened in water for an easier intake. For the breath bones, they are a bit hard to chew although they become soft and break as the dog chews. They come in regular and mini sizes too.

The packing contains 24% protein loaded with other superfoods. All their products are approved by relevant authorities like UK Vegan society and vegetarian society thus making them ultimate formulas for your dog. The paper bags used in packaging are approved by sustainable forest.

Trends in the company

Lately, the v-dog company has announced of planning to go internationally after the 13 years of operation within the USA borders. This has been brought about by a partnership program with a sister company v-planet that will ensure all the dogs across the globe will enjoy plant-based products. The program will not only provide allergen friendly, high quality and alternative food, but also health benefits like improved skin and coat and also do away with animal suffering.

Last but not least, you can find their products in popular chains store like:

• The cute little cake shop
• The herbivorous butcher
• Canadian pet connection
• Elmwood pet supplies
• The vegan grocery store
• Mendon pet supply

Lastly, for some time the v-dog company have been topping the ethical index due to its complete pet foods and mixers for dogs that are nutritionally balanced and certified. There’s every reason why you should consider v-dog products.

Official website: v-dog.com

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Happy Cow: Everything You Need To Know About the Vegan App

All About Happy Cow

HappyCow is an online company that provides information regarding the best restaurants that serve healthy vegan and vegetarian food at various locations worldwide. It shares information regarding vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant listings, bakeries, caterers, bed and breakfasts, and farmers markets. It also advocates for better animal rights and organizes events to further that cause.

When was it started

HappyCow was founded in 1999 by Eric Brent. Earlier, in 1997, he had realized that information regarding vegan restaurants and food joints was hard to come by on the internet. The online resources available at the time were hardly updated to reflect new vegan food joints.

Since Eric was an avid traveler, he saw the need to create a one-stop source of information on all the vegan restaurants where people like him (vegetarian and traveler) who were visiting new cities and countries would find healthy vegan food.

Since its inception, the website has grown tremendously thanks to a diverse team of like-minded individuals who help run the website.

Services Offered

Since it was founded, HappyCow has always granted free access to information to its users to encourage more people to contribute since it now operates based on a crowd-sourced information gathering model.

It has thousands of listings of businesses in most countries around the world. Each of these businesses has been reviewed by customers. Restaurants are categorized as either veg-friendly, vegetarian, or vegan.

Currently, HappyCow is more than just a website showing people where they can find restaurants. It is a community of vegans and vegetarians who share their experiences, add new listings, and give honest reviews about the listings. Members also use the platform to push for improved animal rights.

Users can now find vegan recipes and vegan nutrition guides as well as healthy cooking tips for a variety of vegetarian foods onsite. They can also share their own recipes with the community.

In 2014, HappyCow launched “The HappyCow Cookbook: Recipes from Top-Rated Vegan Restaurants around the World.” People can use it to learn more about these restaurants and how they can make some of the dishes served there.

App and Social Media

Since the smartphone boom kicked off, web usage on mobile devices has been on the rise. HappyCow has a dedicated mobile site and mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. Users can also subscribe to the newsletter.
The company is also found on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. HappyCow runs a YouTube channel where they interview people and cover events worldwide.

Through these platforms, they have reached more people.


HappyCow allows free access to its website making it a not-for-profit entity, technically, although they are not afforded the 501-c status. To make ends meet, they rely on adverts, Cookbook sales on Amazon, app purchases on the app stores, charitable donations, and merchandise sales (t-shirts).

Awards and Recognition

HappyCow has been a serial winner of VegNews’ award segment called “Veggieawards.” They have won 11 consecutive accolades for “Best Website” and more recently bagged the award for “Best App.”
The website is rated among the Top 50 vegetarian blogs of 2012 by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and the Top 100 vegetarian food websites by web100.com


Official Website: happycow.net

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